Rev. Catherine Klein

                                                      Unity Minister

Catherine is an ordained Unity minister. “Since my first Sunday

in a Unity church over 25 years ago, my life has been tremendously

blessed every day. Learning from wise ministers and congregants, I

have found a whole new approach to living that has brought riches

of every kind into my life — rewarding work, a wise and wonderful life partner, loving friends and family and financial prosperity. My hope is that I can share with you some of the things I’ve learned … attitudes and ideas that have created the heaven on earth that is my life today.”

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                  Rev. Todd Humphrey

                                               Associate Minister

After spending many years as a devout agnostic, I finally visited a Unity congregation to hear a friend sing after declining her dozens of invitations. That visit changed my life forever! Now I am committed to helping others understand and utilize New Thought teachings. My ministry is dedicated to connection, service, and creativity. Come join us at Crystal Coast Unity and see how you can change your life!

After my first visit to a Unity church, I spent more than ten years immersing myself in Unity teachings and serving my congregation in many positions including prayer chaplain, Sunday service team leader, and guest speaker, as well as leading several educational classes. Although I avoided my true calling for many years, I finally enrolled in seminary in 2015. I am a graduate of One Spirit Interfaith Seminary where I studied the world’s major faith traditions and their spiritual practices. I will pursue UWM’s Field Licensing program under Rev. Catherine’s direction.




Crystal Coast Unity Board Members

L to R Front Row:   Karen Driscoll, Joana Schertzer, Karen Kelly, Ike Terrell.

L to R Back Row:    Paul Herrle, Nancy Boyle, Rev. Catherine Klein.


Nancy Boyle


Karen Driscoll


Paul Herrle


Karen Kelly


Joana Schertzer


Ike Terrell