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2024 Nominations 

Our nominations team comprised of Betsy Mercer, Peggy Litts, Leslie Herrle, and Rev Todd Humphrey. They identified a slate of 8 potential nominees and invited members of the congregation to self-identify if they felt called to join in the leadership of CCU. Conversations, individual discernment, and divine order have delivered the following nominees (listed in alphabetical order by last name):

                Teresa Penbrooke
                Lucinea Teixeira
                Jerry Tomlinson 

Their full bios are included below.

Theresa Penbrooke, PhD, MAOM, CPRE, CMS, RYT-200

Teresa has studied a variety of spiritual and religious practices over the years. She was baptized and brought up as Lutheran in Colorado until her mother came out as a lesbian and had to leave the church when she divorced her father in 1970. In high school, a World Religions course reignited Teresa’s interest in various traditions, and after moving to Boulder, CO for college, she became a “Boulder hippy chick” and studied various new thought, Buddhism, and other religions, along with various alternative medicine and healing practices. Over the years, she continued to feel a calling for spirit and joined a variety of churches in Colorado, but never quite found the right fit. Teresa found her true connection to God in nature and water, in red rock canyons as a whitewater river guide, and a deepened connection to spiritual energy through becoming a Reiki Master and studying various other intuitive and spiritual practices. 
Professionally, Teresa’s career has included over 30 years of private and non-profit business management, teaching, and research, including years as a public parks and recreation agency administrator various public agencies in Colorado. Teresa was the former CEO and Founder of GreenPlay, LLC, a national management consulting firm that completed community quality of life planning for nearly 650 communities between 1999 – 2021. In 2022, Teresa sold GreenPlay to BerryDunn, and Teresa continues part-time work consulting there, enjoying a flexible “work from anywhere” lifestyle that allows her to re-create her body, mind, and spirit on a daily basis. 

Teresa now authors books and articles, teaches for universities, state, and national associations, conducts research, and consults. Areas of focus are typically quality of life systems planning and management, leadership, access to nature, preventive community health, operations, strategic planning, and community engagement. She also is the Executive Administrator and Director of the Healthy Communities Research Group for ActivEnviro,, a global non-profit that provides research and education to help fill the gaps for professionals who help communities thrive. 

As for education, Teresa has a BS in Kinesiology, and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management. In 2017 she completed a funded PhD in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management through the College of Natural Resources at North Carolina State University. Teresa is also a registered yoga teacher and wellbeing coach. She plays guitar, sings, and writes music with several different acoustic rock/Americana bands. She loves combining her natural intellectual curiosity, love of the outdoors and healthy lifestyles, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and public sector heart to help communities and individuals thrive. 

Teresa started coming to the Crystal Coast on weekends when she was studying at NC State in Raleigh. Teresa has invested in a variety of rental properties here and moved to Morehead City full-time in 2022. She has helped her sister, Tracy, her son Caylon, and her daughter-in-law Yara also relocate here. Longing for a community of like-minded spiritual friends, she found Crystal Coast Unity through a Google search right at the start of the pandemic, and instantly connected with Unity’s spiritual messages and welcoming people. Through participation in various Unity book and study groups, she feels she has now found her tribe, a place of belonging, and a great group of friends. 

Now she would like to use her skills and growing love of Unity principles and practices to help give back to our Unity congregation that gives her so much, as a contributing member of the Board of Trustees. 

Lucinea Teixeira

The first time Lucinea visited CCU was to attend one of Patty Tomlinson’s Crystal Bowls Sound Bath meditations. This was her first-time hearing about Unity. Although she had visited other churches, she always thought something was missing for her, or that their beliefs wouldn’t agree with mine, or she would just simply stop going. “Crystal Coast Unity was different than the other ones; I felt welcomed here. Everyone treated me like family since day one. It didn’t take long for me to feel like I belonged here. I found a great community and I’ve had a chance to meet beautiful souls at CCU.” 

Lucinea works in a manufacturing company as a welder, where she’s worked for 17 years and still loves it to this day! On the side, she sometimes works from home as a seamstress. Besides work, she takes yoga and dance classes. Traveling is another passion that she enjoys. “Even with my busy schedule, I always manage to find moments for my quiet time (meditation and prayer). I’m also passionate about indoor plants and crystals. I have a good collection of them around the house.”

Jerry Tomlinson

BS Engineering Electronics
MS Computer Science Technology Management and Development

Military Service
I dedicated 24 years to the protection of our country, serving in the US Navy.   My career took me on travels to all parts of the world, visiting over 46 countries.  This vast travel experience enriched my life and gave me a front row seat to both peace and conflict and influences my understanding of how important communication must be.


Through multiple Leadership Training programs, I am confident in my abilities to assess and act accordingly in reaching viable resolutions regardless of the difficulty. 

Civilian work and interests
Project Manager and computer software developer for multiple government programs spanning 15 years which included work as a cost controls consultant. 
Served as Senior Software Developer for GKN Aerospace for 7 years. 

Community volunteer providing no-fee service for computer education and repair.

Former volunteer at Martha’s Misson with interests in other local community organizations.

Hobby interests include working with computers, hiking and kayaking.  

First attended Crystal Coast Unity May 2015, arriving just in time to be part of the building crew to assist with the renovation of our current Unity church building.  I officially became a Unity member in 2016,
and served on the Administration Finance Committee (AFC), maintained church computer systems, served on the building and maintenance team, and was part of the hospitality program.  

After a brief absence from active CCU membership, I returned and have enjoyed serving the community in various ways including Greeter/Counter and through small project support.

I offer the Board of Trustees and the CCU Community my experience, skills, and knowledge to assist in building a strong community with long-term viability and would be pleased to serve in this capacity.   

Respectfully submitted,

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