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The Righteous mind
Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion:
Book study & discussion series

facilitated by debbie morris
Select Tuesdays | 10 am -12 pm
July 30 | Aug 13 | Aug 27 | Sept 10 | Sept 24 | Oct 8

in-person at crystal coast unity | limited enrollment

payment options: $60 in advance | $12 weekly

If you find yourself inflamed by political discourse and perplexed by opposing views, the problem may not be the irrationality of your opponent - it may be that you have yet to master one of the most challenging skills of the sophisticated mind: The ability to not only tolerate your polar opposite, but have a deep and meaningful understanding of their perspective.

This book seeks to address one of the more polarizing aspects of American life - the lack of understanding between liberals and conservatives. The claims of this book are derived from an integrative look at social psychology, evolutionary biology, sociology and philosophy.


  • Provide a challenging and rewarding learning experience

  • Take our learning into a real world experience

  • Read for understanding and practice dialogue around the key concepts


Desired Outcomes:

  • An expanded ability to identify our own moral matrix

  • Increased comfort with identifying the moral matrix of people and groups who have a different moral matrix than your own.

  • Relief from outrage and confusion when exposed to seemingly irrational behavior from others around us and in the world


Program Structure:

  • A six-week book study with a fieldwork assignment and written summary of your assignment.

  • Book Study of The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion by Jonathan Haidt



Debbie’s life-long passion has been to help organizations make the most of change through the power of collaborative problem-solving. She is retired from a career in organization development, where she was a internal and external consultant in strategic planning, meeting facilitation and planning, training, and change management. After leaving corporate life, she supported a leading edge 12-week program called The Collaborative Operating System. She is still passionate about the power of collaboration to solve complex problems, and is dedicated to continued studies in how to help groups achieve their goals. 

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