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Curtis Hicks

President, Board of Trustees

Image by chester wade
Peggy Litts

Treasurer, Board of Trustees

Finding Unity has opened me in so many ways. At first, along with finding the unconditionally loving Divine, just the sheer acceptance of the basic goodness in me and in everyone was freeing. Now as I go deeper into Unity’s teachings, I find my spiritual foundation becoming stronger. The more I internalize the five principles, the more they are second nature, or should I say, my first, Christ nature! In particular, I find living with integrity is enhanced by the other four principles. From the prosperity class, I have found that tithing to where I am spiritually fed gives me a sense of accountability and requires wisdom to consciously observe and recognize all of God’s goodness around me. Recognition is amplified when I take the time for meditation. Since starting my mornings with the Daily Word, I find myself expressing gratitude more often throughout the day.  It has also been helpful to learn how negative thoughts and emotions can be observed and let go. Crystal Coast Unity has shown me the way to launch my laughter ministry and shone a light on this integral part of my spiritual being.

Betsy Mercer

Secretary, Board of Trustees

Image by Tim Mossholder

When I initially became aware of Unity and the Five Principles, I thought, "Wow, these are just so simple".  As the years progress, I realize, that is truly the beauty of this spiritual home. It really is simple, yet we still forget and Unity helps us be reminded who we truly are in spirit. I love how these five concepts are the cornerstone of living life. Unity incorporates so many of the teachings of many of the world religions, but in a personal and actionable way. God is all around us, in our core essence, and we have the ability of thought to manifest all things and create abundance. Every day we can connect to our divine essence through meditation and prayer, and we can take our blessings authentically out into the world. I feel so blessed to have found my true community here at Crystal Coast Unity!

Teresa Penbrooke

Member-at-Large, Board of Trustees

In 2015, after my first visit to Unity and hearing the Five Foundational Principles, I began to think about how I had already been living them for many years. The simplicity of these Principles cuts through complex dogmas of my earlier religious experiences. I try to live my life in a way that acknowledges and honors a greater power. I recognize my uniqueness as a gift from my Creator and express those gifts in ways that I believe have helped build peace for the world. My heart always leads me to being generous in whatever ways I can respond to people around me. I have found success in my life, both personal and professional, by dreaming big and being persistent for the goals I’ve wanted to achieve. Even though I don’t always understand it, I believe my individual expression of prayer and meditation, holds power and promise. I continue to evolve in the beauty and wisdom of Unity Principles, living them to the best of my ability one day at a time.

Jerry Tomlinson

Vice President, Board of Trustees

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